Monday, November 16, 2009


I lost my job slowly staring in November of 2008. It's kind of a long, drawn out story that had a lot more twists and turns than anyone could have predicted in the beginning.

I (very happily) worked for the local newspaper as a graphic artist in advertising. At that time, many newspapers were going out of business. Ours did not, but they did cut back on the number of days that they publish. This meant fewer days for published obituaries, something that would normally run every single day.

The local television news companies pounced on this opportunity, and you can now quickly read local obituaries on television specific times throughout the day. In the beginning, these obituaries got a bit ridiculous. They were showing them, what seemed like, once an hour.

One day, as I was pontificating my possible new career paths with some of my also soon to be unemployed co-workers, I started talking about how the local tv stations were all acting like ravenous dogs now that our paper was less of a thorn in their side. I kept exclaiming, rather loudly, "Bam! Obituaries." It seemed like you'd just get done watching a tv show and BAM! They'd be showing those obituaries again.

Someone pointed out that I should start a blog containing all of my daily rants and musings so they could keep up on my banter after "the end" came. They said I should call it 'Bam! Obituaries.' That made me laugh, which means I was sold on the idea.

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